Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts High Performance Hockey Combine @ The Athlete Matrix:

Date: Saturday May 4th, 2019

How Hockey Players are spending their off-season is more important than ever.

Players need to maximize their summer by developing the physical foundations it takes to perform their best on the ice.  The Athlete Matrix has collaborated with Gary Roberts to create the ultimate event for Hockey Players who want to learn where they stand, get tangible feedback on how to improve this summer, and learn from Gary Roberts on the strategies to maximize your off-season development.

This free Combine Event puts players through intensive fitness testing, utilizing the testing protocols that’s used with the Gary Roberts High Performance program. Player’s will receive comprehensive results and comparative data so that they know exactly where they stand and what areas they need to focus on improving this off-season.

Fitness Tests:

Fitness testing protocols are adapted from Hockey Canada and the NHL Combine to get comprehensive understanding into structural balance/mobility, speed/acceleration, power output, strength, and aerobic conditioning levels. Tests will include:

  • Reactive Pro-Agility Test (5-10-5)
  • 40 yard Sprint
  • Vertical Jump
  • Single Leg Squat Balance Test
  • Overhead Squat Mobility Assessment
  • Kneeling Ball Throw
  • Maximum Tempo Pull-Ups
  • Beep Test Aerobic Conditioning Test

Gary Roberts will be in attendance to give an educational presentation on how Hockey Players can maximize their off-season, the importance of physical preparation, and nutrition and recovery strategies.

If you’re a hockey player who wants to take their game to the next level in September, this is the opportunity to learn exactly what you need to focus on this off-season and get started on the right track!

Fitness Tests


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