Courtney’s athletic career has always focused on speed. Attending University in the USA on a track and field scholarship, Courtney developed into a world-class premier sprinter.  While attending in school in Texas, and Illinois, Courtney earned his undergraduate degree in Criminology. Courtney later completed his Bachelor of Education at York University to pursue his passion of teaching and coaching young people.

Courtney has continued (and continues) to develop and implement programs for a range of individuals from novice to professional. Courtney’s experience has introduced him to a range of professional athletes who he has worked with to develop their speed training and overall running mechanics. Athletes like Jason Spezza, NHL and Shannon Stewart, MLB have attributed speed and strength gains to their work with Courtney.

Courtney is a firm believer that speed is the foundation for all sports. His high intensity Speed Dynamics Training utilizes mechanics fundamentals to enhance speed by defining the speed equation: “Frequency X Stride Length=Speed”. Courtney’s goal is to optimize the athlete’s personal quick twitch ability, which will inevitably make them stronger, faster and more confident athletes.