Dr. Kumar first decided that he wanted a career in healthcare when he suffered a couple baseball injuries and was helped back on to the field through chiropractic care. As a high level NCAA Division 1 athlete, he valued that there was more to the body than just what he could “feel” and “see”. In the last three years, Dr. Manny has been a part of some of the largest Structural Chiropractic offices in San Diego, California and Atlanta, Georgia. The majority of his patients were athletes and families.

Dr. Manny graduated with honors in Biology from Grambling State University in Louisiana before completing his Doctorate in Atlanta, Georgia. On top of his chiropractic degree, Dr. Manny completed his Master’s degree in Sports Health Science and Athletic Injuries. His vision is to help athletes and their families understand their overall function and how to live a better life through understanding health principles. Throughout his baseball career, chiropractic care allowed him, and others, to achieve higher levels in training, recovery, and overall performance. After living for over a decade in the United States, and being exposed to cutting edge technology involved with athletes, Dr. Manny is looking forward to enhancing the tools and abilities of each athlete in the Greater Toronto Area through a Structural and fundamental approach. When Dr. Manny isn’t at APEX, you can find him at his family practice, Modern Chiropractic and Wellness Center, ( www.getmodernchiro.com )

Dr. Manny played for the Ontario Blue Jays from 2003-2005 before heading down to Texas on a baseball scholarship.