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We work hard to help develop complete athletes. A complete athlete is someone who is mobile, stable, fast, agile, strong, and healthy.

Strength and Movement Classes for Volleyball

This program is designed for club level volleyball players. We offer regular strength and conditioning classes.

Athletes are able to choose which days of the week they want to attend. This adds flexibility into their schedule and allows you to coordinate your workouts and your other commitments.

The focus of the training is to help develop complete athletes. A complete athlete is someone who is mobile, stable, fast, agile, strong, and healthy.

We put all athletes through our testing protocol. Athletes we be assessed on their mobility, stability, posture, strength, speed, vertical, and much more. This information helps us establish some performance related goals.

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Private / Small Group Training

Our coaches work hands-on with the athletes and track their progress to ensure improvements are made.

On the first training session the athlete’s will go through baseline testing which will include a movement screening, spike and block touch, and strength/power tests. This is also an opportunity to discuss goals and start building a relationship with the coach.

The athletes will be re-evaluated every month. The athlete seeing their improvements helps build momentum into their training.

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Team Training

One of the best ways to build a strong culture and cohesion in a team is to train together. The programming will be developed based on the age and specific needs of the athletes.

Athletes go through the Matrix 3 stage development model which helps ensure improvements are made. ‘

Stage 1- Evaluation, Stage 2- Preparation and Stage 3- Domination.

The 3 stage model is adapted based of your teams specific needs and schedule.

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Matrix Online Training

You do not live close to The Athlete Matrix?

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

If you live within 90 minutes of The Athlete Matrix we recommend you coming to the facility on an occasional basis. We will supplement your training with online workout programming so that you can be getting the majority of your workouts done at a convenient location.

The first step is to come down to The Athlete Matrix and be assessed, taught exercise execution, and how to properly perform a workout program. After that, you can begin training on your own. You can book in to come to The Athlete Matrix as frequently as you like to learn new exercises, be reevaluated, and taught the progressions to your program.

For Example:

You live in Barrie and it is unrealistic for you to make it to The Athlete Matrix more than 1 time per week. Each week you will have 4 workouts. You will perform 3 workouts on your own and 1 workout at The Athlete Matrix. When you come to The Matrix you will perform a workout, taught the intensity that you should be training at, and also coached so that your exercise execution is at a high level. You then have 3 workouts to perform on your own so that you can be getting in the appropriate volume of training to make some awesome improvements.

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Our high performance strength & conditioning coaches dedicate themselves to providing the most relevant training practices available with an acute focus on technique and quality of movement. Receive tips and updates from our team on new classes, advanced training programs and upcoming events at The Athlete Matrix.